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20 in 20: #7 Performance and Compression Tops

#7: Performance and Compression Tops

Having trouble finding gifts for the team? The running club? Or the athletes in your life?  Look no further.  Today’s “20 in 20” is the perfect gift that they’ll use all the time!


Moisture-wicking and Compression Apparel

Ladies Performance T

Ladies Dry Zone Tee

The best part about moisture wicking and compression apparel is that it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Moisture-wicking, 100% polyester, t-shirts are available for under $15 and long-sleeve shirts are available for as low as $20.  Name brands are available, but if you have a limited budget let us know!  There is a huge selection of non-name brand items that you can purchase AND have customized for a final price that is still a fraction of what you see at retail stores.

Have questions about the items you see here?  Give us a call and we’ll help bring your idea to life!  Be sure to ask about team discounts and other performance apparel options that are available.



20 in 20: #8 Rugby Shirts

#8: Rugby Shirts

Sick of the same boring gift every year?  Another tie, more cologne, or socks and underwear again (Thanks Mom!).  Rugby shirts make a great gift.  Perfect for lounging around the house, or ideal for the preppy crowd.

A great gift for students or athletes, custom rugby shirts are available at prices below normal retail pricing.  You can order generic rugby shirts for as low as $35 per shirt, or we can supply authentic jerseys for $75+.  Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen!

Looking for other rugby gear?  We have access to the best products available, including Barbarian Rugby Wear, Puma, and more!  Contact us about outfitting your team and receiving team discounts for your organization.

20 in 20: #9 Polos

#9: Polos

Today’s “20 in 20″ goes without saying. Polos are among the most popular requests we receive. A popular gift for everyone in the office, a sales team, the golfer’s in your life, the bowling team, coaches, and just about any professional you know.

Popped Collars

A cool gift, even for this guy.

Classic Pique Polo

There is a huge range of prices available. A generic, 100% cotton, item may cost as little as $15-$20 each. Popular, moisture-wicking, golf polos can be as much as $80-$90.  As a rule of thumb, the decorated cost of a polo is often below the suggested retail cost of that item. Recognizable brands include: Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Champion, Columbia, Dickies, Harriton, Hanes, Izod, Gildan, Anvil, Bella, Augusta Sportswear, and more!  With a variety of colors available, there is a style and color to fit anyone’s budget.

Have a question? Talk to us about your project and let us help transform your idea into a reality!

20 in 20: #10 Gym Bags

#10: Gym Bags

Today’s “20 in 20″ gift suggestion may be the most practical yet.  Custom gym bags cover all your bases.  A functional gift that recipients will use on a regular basis, or at least feel pressure too!  Add a company, team, or organization’s logo to the side and you have the perfect, subtle branding opportunity.  Best of all, the price is right.  Eat your heart out Bob Barker!  Prices on this bag, even small quantities, are in the $25 range.


Gym Bag

Gym bag w/ adjustable shoulder strap

This bag features front and side-zippered pockets, a wet pouch to store sweaty gym clothes, and a shoulder strap that adjusts for your comfort.  Available colors include: Royal, Black, Carolina Blue, Gold, Hunter, Light Pink, Maroon, Navy, and Red.  Don’t see the color your want?  There are dozens of other styles and colors options available.  Looking for other gift ideas?  Check out our “20 in 20″ Summary page for a list of all gift suggestions to date.  If you have questions about any of the products you can always contact us at our Schenectady or Boston locations.

20 in 20: #12 Yoga Pants

#12: Yoga Pants

Hot yoga, traditional yoga, sit-on-your-ass-on-the-couch yoga, all require a comfortable pair of yoga pants.  Sorry guys, this one is more for the females, although we won’t be quick to judge if we catch you trying on a pair.  They are available in men’s styles as well! They’re so comfortable you can’t help your curiosity!

Yoga Pants

A "must have" in every women's wardrobe

Yoga pants are typically a cotton/spandex blend for ideal comfort, stretch, and style.  Decorated prices range from $20 to$30+ per pair.  These are a great option for cheering squads, gymnasts, college students, or the fitness fanatics in your life.  We can print down the leg, across the back, on the hip, or anywhere else you would like!

Have an idea?  Talk to us about it.  There is still time to place your order and have it before the Christmas holiday!


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