On This Day: World Toilet Day!

Now we could crack jokes all day about this one, butt World Toilet Day is nothing to laugh your tail off at!  Many parts of the World are behind the U.S. regarding sanitary conditions.  It’s a crappy situation and people should get off their keister and help solve it from the bottom up!  So gather your friends and get your tooshies in gear for this cause.  Perhaps we’ll celebrate our success with a BBQ – we’ll bring the buns, possibly a rump roast as well.

All jokes aside, this video depicts the crisis.  It’s disturbing and very disgusting.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Food for Thought

  • Do you think the WTO (World Toilet Organization) is more or less ethical than the other WTO (World Trade Organization)?
  • How many “bathroom breaks” do you think they give at the World Toilet Summit?  Do you think the event gets as much publicity as the Beer Summit?
  • More than one-third of the World’s population does not have access to basic sanitation.
  • Sir Thomas Crapper is credited with developing many modern toilet technologies – He deserves to be “knighted” for that alone!

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