What Happens if American Apparel Goes Bankrupt? 5 Things That Will Happen.

Mass hysteria! No outfit is complete! There are no comfortable, affordable, designer shirts left on the market!

Wrong, wrong, wrong!  The World will not end if American Apparel goes under.   Fear not, your friends at Downtown Printwear have got you covered and will teach you how to cope with this potential loss.  In the event of a complete LA-produced, apparel meltdown, keep these tips in mind:

  1. People like American Apparel because it is comfortable.  The trick (well it’s not really a trick) to American Apparel is ringspun cotton.  In other words, the “really soft, comfortable feel” students ask for.   Good news – several other suppliers offer ringspun cotton apparel.  Better news – many of them are less expensive than American Apparel
  2. American Apparel has a twin: Alternative Apparel.  Similar products. Similar prices.  You can even still abbreviate it “AA” when too lazy to type out the full company name!
  3. American Apparel wholesale is still available.  While retail chains are sucking wind struggling, the only division of American Apparel we are concerned with is their wholesale channel.  Perhaps the reason for their struggles are that we can get the same shirt you pay $25 at a AA retail store for about $10.  Yet another reason to speak to us about your next order!
  4. There’s always the holidays!  The news broke before the busiest time of year for retailers.  Everyone knows that retailers make their money during the holiday season.  In other words, now is the time to take advantage of huge discounts on American Apparel products.  They need the revenue so we’re almost certain your favorite AA products will be available on the cheap!  It never hurts to ask how much we can save you on that project idea you had.

    Sweet 'stache' bro!

    Sweet 'stache' bro! Lookout kids!

  5. You really think you won’t find another “trendy” apparel supplier?  If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that our students have a remarkable ability to be on the cutting-edge of popular trends (also see Four Loko).  We are confident you will find another overpriced product that we can get you “on the cheap”.  Just keepin’ it real.

There you have it folks.  If the apocalypse does occur and we find ourselves without our favorite LA-based supplier, DCP Nation will survive.  All thanks to this insight of course.  Have questions about the future of American Apparel?  Can’t stand American Apparel?  Use the comments section below to let us know how you feel.


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