On This Day: Spouses Day

http://www.downtownprintwear.comWe’re not really sure why there is a holiday dedicated to spouses, especially when you’re stuck with them every day.  Shouldn’t there be “Take a Break from Your Spouse Day”?  Nonetheless, today is Spouses Day.  Do yourself a favor today and try not to end up sleeping on the couch.  Consider today a warm up for Valentine’s Day.  We suggest having dinner ready for your spouse when he/she gets home – and by “prepare” we obviously mean order take out and put it on a plate to pass-off as your own!


Today’s Other Holidays:

  • National Peanut Brittle Day
  • Cockroach Race Day – they do some weird things over there in Australia!
  • Lotus 1-2-3 Day – its reign as software king began in January 1983 and was short-lived, but Lotus 1-2-3 paved the way for future software developers.
  • Toad Hollow Day of Encouragement

http://www.downtownprintwear.comAlso On This Day:

  • Vicente Yanez Pinzon became the 1st European to set foot in Brazil (1500).
  • Congress passed an act requiring a library within the U.S. Capitol (1802).
  • Tennessee enacts the first prohibition law in the U.S. (1838).
  • India declared itself a republic (1950).
  • Danny Heater set a basketball world record by scoring 135 points in a West Virginia high school game (1960).
  • Hindi became the official language of India (1965).
  • Octomom gave birth to octuplets (2009).

Birthdays & Remembrances:


Wayne Gretzky (50)The Great One
Ellen DeGeneres (53)
Eddie Van Halen (56)
Gene Siskel (65)Two thumbs up!
Frank Costello (1891-1973)The Prime Minister of the Underworld
RIP Lucky Luciano (1897-1962) – “The Boss” of New York before The Boss


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