Vote for Cassius! He could win “cutest puppy”,-hickory%E2%80%99s-owner-is-back-home-feb-17-2011Cassius was devastated when he narrowly lost “Best in Show” to “Hickory” the Scottish Deerhound.  Granted he was never in the competition, we can all agree that Cassius is much more adorable than that scraggly pooch that won! his crushing defeat, Cassius went on a mission to redeem himself.  It was only a matter of time before he would receive an opportunity to regain his “icon” status.  That day is TODAY!  Cassius (Clay) Sadler has the unique opportunity to win the Cutest Friday Puppy Competition over at  He should easily win this competition for a number of reasons, just to name a few:

  • Clearly Cassius is the only contestant that took the competition seriously and submitted a professional photo.
  • Cassius is the only contestant that is smiling! Look at that smile!
  • Cassius took time out of his busy work day to make himself presentable – do you see what he’s responsible for in the background? That’s no joke!  Do you see any of the other contestants earning an honest living?
  • Cassius never leaves a “friend”Visiting the neighbors behind.  Despite the importance of this photo shoot to Cassius , he kept his trusty tennis ball by his side.  You can’t vote for another contestant that abandons his or her principles.  Cassius is as loyal as they come!
  • Low maintenance

    He knows when to kick back and relax!

    Cassius gives back to the community!  You may have seen him visiting people in downtown Schenectady.  Whether he is supporting a new Chamber member or providing shirts for a charity event, Cassius always puts the needs of others before himself.  He’d give you the shirt off his back…literally!

Cassius wants to win more than anything!  You can help by clicking on either image below, scrolling down, and voting for “Cassius; Schenectady, NY”.  If he wins, we already gave him permission to give away boatloads of free products to celebrate!  So cast your votes and we’ll give you everything we’ve got!  Cassius will thank you later!

Help Cassius regain his "rockstar" status

Click on the image to vote!!!

Vote for me!!!

Click on the image to vote!


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