On This Day: Self-Injury Awareness Day

Self-Injury Awareness RibbonThere are several holidays we could spotlight on March 1st, but we chose to recognize one that should receive considerably more attention.  Self-Injury Awareness Day (SIAD) is a campaign to promote awareness of self-harm and self-injury.  There are several organizations committed to raising awareness, but March 1st is a day for people to unite for a common cause.  Look for orange ribbons, wristbands, or beaded bracelets to recognize the campaign.  Because this is a grassroots event, your efforts to spread the word and share this information are encouraged even more!  Share, like, tweet, or re-post this information by clicking any of the icons at the bottom of this post.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

National Pig DayOther Holidays:

  • Beer Day – not to be confused with Beer Can Appreciation Day, this holiday in Iceland was created to celebrate the end of 75 years of prohibition. Boo prohibition! Hooray beer!
  • National Pig Day – our sources say this holiday is celebrated mostly in the Midwest, but we think that’s a little prejudice.  Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs?!
  • Save Mr. Ed!

    Save Mr. Ed!

    National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day – can you guess what’s for lunch?

  • Plan a Solo Vacation Day“Downtown” Dan just got back from vacation.  We’re not letting him get away with this holiday.
  • Refired, Not Retired Day – retirement isn’t the end – it’s just the beginning!
  • National Horse Protection Day Protect the ponies!

Also On This Day:

  • Rio de Janeiro was founded (1565)
  • Georgeana, MA (now York, ME) became the 1st incorporated city in the U.S. (1642)
  • The 1st U.S. Census was authorized (1790)
  • Yellowstone National Park was established as the world’s 1st national park (1872)
  • The 1st public demonstration of the radio (1893)
  • Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity (1896)
  • http://www.peacecorps.gov/The Hoover Dam was completed (1936)
  • W47NV (now WSM-FM) became the 1st FM radio station it the U.S. (1941)
  • JFK established the Peace Corps (1961)
  • Johnny Cash & June Carter were married (1968)
  • Yahoo! was incorporated (1995)
  • The United States Supreme Court outlawed the death penalty for juvenile criminals (2005)


Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar


  • Justin Bieber's Twitter haircutJustin Bieber (17) – so much for getting this song out of our heads!  (P.S. it’s about time you cut the hair!)
  • Ke$ha (24)
  • Ben Sadler (26) – The Printmaster General!
  • Mark-Paul Gosselaar (37)
  • Booker T (46) – WWE wrestler
  • Roger Daltrey, The Who (67)

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One response to “On This Day: Self-Injury Awareness Day

  • Justin Smith

    March 1st is National Beer Day in Iceland.

    In America, National Beer Day is on April 7th!

    There are a lot of unofficial random beer drinking holidays in the US.

    New Beer’s Eve – April 6th
    National Beer Day – April 7th
    National Homebrew Day – First Saturday in May
    American Craft Beer Week – Starts on the 3rd Monday in May and goes for a week
    International Beer Day – Aug. 5th
    National Beer Lover’s Day – Sept. 7th
    National Drink a Beer Day – Sept. 28th
    American Beer Day – Oct. 27th

    National Beer Day (April 7th) is the only with with a historically significant date.

    April 7th is National Beer Day here in the US. In 1933 during the prohibition era, the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt on March 23rd. That law was enacted on April 7th allowing the brewing and sale of beer in the United States again as long as it was < 3.2% (4% ABV). It's said that people waited in line overnight on April 6th outside Milwaukee breweries in order to legally buy beer for the first time in over 13 years. As a result, April 7th is known as National Beer Day and April 6th is called New Beers Eve.

    National Beer Days around the world –

    March 1st – Iceland
    April 6th – England
    April 7th – USA
    April 23rd – Germany


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