On This Day: Awkward Moments Day

Awkward family photoWalking in on someone using the bathroom, falling down the stairs, breakups – life is full of awkward moments and March 18th is dedicated to recognizing those moments.  So don’t feel bad when you get left hanging on that high-five or you get caught in the middle of a handshake-hug.  Celebrate the awkwardness! It could always be worse – like congratulating someone on their pregnancy, only to find out they’re not pregnant.  Have an awkward day!

Octomom fertility

Oops! Wrong Goddess of Fertility!

Other Holidays:

  • Forgive Mom and Dad Day – give mom and dad a break.  Nobody is perfect – except us of course!
  • National Biodiesel Day
  • Supreme Sacrifice Day – give up something of your own for the good of others
  • Goddess of Fertility Day – you may get lucky today!
  • National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

First Electric Razor

Would you feel safe shaving with this?

Also On This Day:

  • Britain repealed the Stamp Act (1766)
  • Congress approved the 1st pensions for government service (1818)
  • The 1st railroad tunnel in the U.S. completed in Pennsylvania (1834)
  • American Express was founded by Henry Wells and William Fargo (1850)
  • The first phone linking the U.S. and Britain was established (1891)
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner MuseumMohandas Ghandi was sentenced to 6 years for civil disobedience (1922)
  • Schick, Inc., began marketing the 1st electric razor (1931)
  • Aleksei Leonov made the 1st spacewalk [not to be confused with the first moonwalk] (1965)
  • The Rolling Stones were each fined 5 pounds each for public urination (1968)
  • U.S. Congress repealed the requirement for a gold reserve to back U.S. currency (1968)
  • The largest art theft in history occurred at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA. Resulting in the loss of 12 paintings valued at over $100 million (1990)
  • Michael Jordan came out of retirement (1995)
  • British Sign Language was recognized as an official British language (2003)

Dane Cook cryingBirthdays & Remembrances:

  • Adam Levin, Maroon 5 (32)
  • Dane Cook (39)
  • Queen Latifah (41)
  • Vanessa Williams (48)
  • Gover Cleveland (1837-1908)
  • RIP Johnny Appleseed (1774-1845)

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