On This Day: National All Is Ours Day

SharingWhat if we had to share everything in the world?  Let’s say there is no such thing as personal property.  Nobody owns nicer items than the next person.  Before you laugh and think of the chaos that would ensue, imagine how different life would be if we all started on a level playing field.  How would you share certain items?  How do you decided who gets nicer products versus who gets the crappy ones?  April 8th raises so many questions.  We may not be ready for this!  At the very least it will help you day dream throughout the day while you’re thinking about it and before you know it the weekend will be here!

Other Holidays:

  • Draw a Picture of a Bird DayDraw a Picture of a Bird Day – really?  We didn’t realize the ability to draw a bird is so important!
  • National Empanada Day
  • Buddha Day (Vesahka)

Also On This Day:

  • The 1st fire escape was patented (1766)Glass milk bottle
  • Milk was sold in glass bottles for the 1st time (1879)
  • The 1st college basketball game on record was played (1893)
  • Auguste Deter, the 1st person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, died (1906)
  • The 1st legal off-track betting system debuted (1971)
  • Clint Eastwood was elected as mayor of Carmel, CA (1986)
  • The Oakland A’s Stadium became the 1st outdoor arena to ban smoking (1991)

Birthdays & Remembrances:Pablo Picasso

  • Biz Markie (47)
  • Betty Ford (93)
  • RIP Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

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