On This Day: National Be Kind to Lawyers Day

A Few Good MenWe wonder who decided to make this day a holiday? Perhaps, A LAWYER!  We can’t think of any reason why someone would not want to be nice to the attorneys out there.  Behind every good man is a great attorney.  Behind every ambulance is another attorney.  Behind every closed door is an attorney reviewing documents.  And there are probably several attorneys reading this right now!

DEAR DayOther Holidays:

  • D.E.A.R. Day (Drop Everything And Read Day) – today is as good a day as any drop everything and read!
  • Big Wind Daysee below (Mt. Washington)
  • Look Up at the Sky Day – a day to admire the beauty of the sky and clouds.  Or just look like a total airhead!
  • look up at the sky dayWalk on the Wild Side Day – welcome to the DCP life!
  • National Licorice Day
  • Russian Cosmonaut Day – celebrates the 1st man to walk in space!

Also On This Day:

  • Mt. WashingtonThe strongest surface wind ever recorded occurred at Mt. Washington, NH (1934)
  • The 1st jet engine designed to power an aircraft was tested (1937)
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt died while in office (1945)
  • Harry Truman was sworn in as the 33rd United States President (1945)
  • The polio vaccine was declared safe and effective (1955)

Birthdays & Remembrances:

  • Brooklyn DeckerBrooklyn Decker (24)Al Bundy
  • Claire Danes (32)
  • Shannen Doherty (40)
  • David Cassidy (61)
  • Tom Clancy (64)
  • David Letterman (64)
  • Ed O’Neill (65), aka Al Bundy
  • RIP Franlin D. Roosevelt (1945)

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One response to “On This Day: National Be Kind to Lawyers Day

  • Steve Hughes

    Hey, Downtown Printwear, I’m the guy who created International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. And it’s legit. I’m not a lawyer myself, but I do a ton of work with attorneys and thought they deserve just one 24-hour period in which they don’t get razzed.

    Lawyers rock!

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