Revolutionizing Vehicle Advertising

It doesn’t happen all too often that a new product comes along and revolutionizes the marketing industry.  We’ve all noticed advertisements along the side of bus, truck, or even the magnetic door advertisements people throw on their personal vehicles.  Aside from custom detailing there are few options for window advertising – at least few that aren’t permanent.  Toyota presents “Window to the World” – imagine the possibilities if you could easily your message each day or target a new prospect as you arrive for a meeting.  That is just the beginning!

How far away is this reality?  Perhaps we should ask: How far away are we from “mainstream” functionality?  Sure, Bill Gates probably contacted Toyota and has this technology in one of his 32489234o7 cars, but what about “normal” people like you and I?  I say less than 5 years.  We’re due for another revolutionary product.  Every 5-7 years it happens.  By my calendar the last truly revolutionary product was the iPhone.  Can you think of something more revolutionary in the past 3 years?


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