On This Day: National Middle Child’s Day

National Middle Child DayLo and behold the mysterious life of the middle child.  August 12th is National Middle Child’s Day.  Over at DCP, Dan and Ben are both the oldest of 3 siblings, so they’re not a great point of reference.  Cassius is an only child (dog).  So the middle children syndrome is a bit of a mystery to the DCP team.  Let’s recognize the difficulties of being a middle child.  Dare we say forgotten?  Not quite.  We kinda like the idea of being able to fly under the radar as a middle child.  Those kids get away with murder!

International Youth DayOther Holidays:

  • IBM PC Day
  • International Youth Day – here’s the official info from the UN
  • Sewing Machine Day
  • Vinyl Record Day – when will the day come that people ask “what’s a vinyl record?”

Birthdays:Pete Sampras

  • Plaxico Burress (34), be careful, he may be packing heat at the club tonight!
  • Casey Affleck (36)
  • Pete Sampras (40)
  • Sir Mix-a-Lot (58)

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