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Join DCP NationSince 2008, the DCP Internship Program has provided opportunities on campuses throughout the Northeast.  In its first year, DCP Interns experienced our business through various roles, ranging from production, to design, to marketing and management.  In 2009, the DCP Internship Program was formally recognized at several higher education institutions, including Union College, Tufts University, and Boston University, among others.  Now in its 3rd year, the program is the cornerstone of DCP’s thriving college and university market.

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The DCP Internship Program has 3 major focal points:  experience, assistance, and accountability.  The Program Coordinators describe the experience as “not a coffee-runner and copy machine operator” type of gig.  With the assistance of several students, the DCP Internship Program includes lessons on business, marketing, design, branding, personal development, and career advancement that are not being taught in the classroom.  Each lesson includes content that students specifically request as part of the program.   The objective is to provide students a valuable experience outside the classroom and offer lessons that don’t exist in the academic curriculum.  Through active involvement in program content, students report a higher level of engagement and believe their experiences are more meaningful.
The second focal point, assistance, is a component rarely found through other internship opportunities.  The DCP Internship Program includes a series of lessons centered around resume development, cover letter writing, interviewing, personal branding, and networking.  We understand these lessons are not directly related to our industry, but they are critical to a successful internship experience.  How can an internship demonstrate value if an intern does not know how to properly include experiences on a resume?  Likewise, we provide a phenomenal experience but if an individual cannot communicate the benefits during an interview then we failed that person.  Therefore, assistance is a large component of the DCP Internship Program and ensures we are providing value for all participants.  For students who are graduating, our involvement includes job placement assistance, professional introductions, access to the DCP Network, and the vast network of employer looking to speak with interns from our program.  We strive to maintain relationships with former interns, and we are constantly speaking with businesses that may be able to provide career opportunities for DCP Internship Program participants.

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Lastly, we value accountability.  We believe students are adults and should be treated that way.  DCP Internship participants are actively involved in decisions that affect the business, recognizing business opportunities, and providing feedback on areas we can improve.  Responsibilities range from making advertising decisions to assisting with budget development.  Providing an opportunity to make meaningful decisions, and holding people accountable for those choices, allows DCP interns to gain valuable experience.  We treat the internship like it is their own business.  Interns realize their decisions may affect their income (if paid), determine the success or failure of marketing efforts, or incur unnecessary expenses for the company.  Along the way our Program Coordinators are there to provide guidance, evaluate decisions, and prevent critical errors.  In the end, DCP Internship participants are given responsibility unlike any other opportunity available, and they are held to a higher level of accountability.  As  a result, our interns have meaningful experiences that demonstrate a level of accountability beyond many of their peers.

In summary, the DCP Internship Program is unique.  If you are seeking big, corporate name recognition, this experience is not for you.  However, if you seek meaningful experiences and an opportunity to develop valuable professional skills, we encourage you to apply.  There are a limited number of positions available.  We rarely hire more than one individual per campus or territory.  The exclusivity of each position is appealing to future employers and our candidates.  Each academic semester we offer a predetermined number of positions and we will occasionally leave spots vacant if we fail to find the right applicant(s).

All applications are managed through our Boston office.  Resume not required, but highly recommended.  To apply, please submit a cover letter and any other application materials to jobs@downtownprintwear.com, Attn: DCP Internship Program. Be sure to include your preferred name, contact number, email address, and school you are attending (if applicable) in the body of your email so our Internships Team has the appropriate information to contact you.

Thank you for your interest in the DCP Internship Program.  We hope to see you on one of our campuses!

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