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Downtown Custom Printwear specializes in screen-printing, embroidery, large format printing, vinyl graphics, and graphic design. All work is completed in-house, allowing for the most competitive pricing the industry can offer. You’ll always have the opportunity to speak with one of our staff experts who will help you with your order — something you can’t get with those web-based companies.

On This Day: National Holistic Pet Day

National Holistic Pet Day

Jerry has a tough life!

Some pets have a tough life.  Your days consist of eating, sleeping, and pooping.  Forget G.T.L., pets have E.S.P. on lockdown!  Unfortunately there are several pet owners who do not properly care for their animals.  Proper grooming, exercise and preventative medicine are critical components of being a pet owner.  Without these activities Jerry and Cassius wouldn’t be able to live the life of luxury they enjoy!

National Toasted Marshmallow DayOther Holidays:

  • National Toasted Marshmallow Day – Mmmmm s’mores!
  • Frankenstein Day – FYI it was the doctor’s name, not the monster!

Birthdays & Remembrances:

  • Andy Roddick birthdayAndy Roddick (29)
  • Cameron Diaz (39)
  • Robert Parrish (58)  – “Chief”!
  • Warren Buffett (81)
  • Ted Williams (1918-2008)
  • Roland Hussey Macy (1822-1877) – founder of Macy’s

On This Day: National Dog Day

Cassius DCP


You know how fond we are of our puppies over at DCP.  August 26th is their day! Move over Cesar Millan and make way for the DCP dog pound – it’s National Dog Day!  Make sure you keep the treats handing and take your pup for plenty of walks today.  A trip to the groomer may not be a bad idea either.

There are some notable puppies in the DCP family.  Everybody knows and loves Cassius – Ben’s Bull Terrier.  He holds down the fort in Schenectady and loves attention.  Make sure you acknowledge him if you stop by the shop or he’ll never let you live it down!

Jerry Leavitt


Jerry joined the family back in April.  He holds down the fort in Boston.  Jerry is a Mini-Schnauzer mix and tends to look like an old man if you don’t trim his beard and eyebrows regularly!

We know several members of DCP Nation have puppies they’d love to show off, so we encourage everyone to post a picture on our Facebook page and be sure to include the name.  Maybe we’ll give away a prize to the dog with the most “likes” at the end of the day!

National Toilet Paper Day

Over or Under?

Other Holidays:

  • Women’s Equality Day – commemorates equal rights on the day women across the nation were given the right to vote
  • National Cherry Popsicle Day
  • Daffodil Day
  • National Toilet Paper Day – not sure where we’d be without this one!

Macaulay CulkinBirthdays:

  • Cassie (25)
  • Macaulay Culkin (31)
  • Geraldine Ferraro (1935-2011)
  • Mother Teresa (1910-1997)

On This Day: National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

National Second Hand Clothing DayWhere do old t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants go to die?  They don’t die silly!  Those pieces can be passed down to become part of someone else’s wardrobe.  We celebrate hand-me-downs and second-hand clothing on National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day!

Other Holidays:

  • Kiss and Make Up DayKiss and Make Up Day – you can’t hold a grudge forever.  Today is the day to kiss and make up!
  • National Banana Split Day

Birthdays & Remembrances:

RIP Ted Kennedy

1932 - 2009

Blake Lively (24)Sean Connery

Claudia Schiffer (41)
Rachel Ray (43)
Billy Ray Cyrus (50)
Tim Burton (53)
Gene Simmons, Kiss (61)
Regis Philbin (78)
Sean Connery (81)
RIP Ted Kennedy (1932-2009)
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On This Day: National Waffle Day

National Waffle DayWe can credit our friends over in Troy, NY where the waffle iron was patented in 1869.  Just a hop, jump and a skip from DCP headquarters in Schenectady, the waffle iron revolutionized breakfast.  Without the invention we’d be limited to boring pancakes.  Now where’s the fun in that?

Other Holidays:

  • Pluto Demoted DayPluto Demoted Day – Pluto we still love you!
  • Vesuvius Day
  • National Knife Day
  • International Day Against Intolerance, Discrimination, and Violence Based on Musical Preferences, Lifestyle, and Dress Code – it’s a mouthful but it speaks for itself!

David GregoryBirthdays:

  • Dave ChappelleDave Chappelle (38)
  • David Gregory (41)
  • Marlee Matlin (46)
  • Craig Kilborn (49)
  • Vince McMahon (66)

On This Day: Black Ribbon Day

Black Ribbon Day PictureAugust 23rd commemorates the victims of Europe’s totalitarian regimes.  It is a day to stand together against crimes on humanity.  Sadly, the world we live in today still faces these challenges and Black Ribbon Day is just one way we can demonstrate strength as we unite to stand against these cruel and ruthless crimes.  For more information, visit: 

Other Holidays:

  • International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its AbolitionDay for the Remembrance of The Slave Trade and its Abolition
  • National Spongecake Day
  • Valentino Day – commemorates the death of film star Rudolph Valentino

Birthdays & Remembrances:

  • Jay MohrKobe Bryant (33)
  • Jay Mohr (40)
  • Rick Springfield (62)
  • Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger (63)
  • River Phoenix (1970-1993)
  • King Louis XVI of France (1754-1793)
  • RIP Shamu (1971)





Image Credits:
Cliff Lipson/CBS

On This Day: Be an Angel Day

Be an Angel DaySome of us may be plagued by the little devil and angel that sit on opposite soldiers.  At the very least, today is a holiday the little angel will always win.  Be an Angel Day requires you to be on your best behavior, help others, and stay out of trouble.  Sounds like a great holiday to scare the kids into behaving for the day!

Other Holidays:

  • Hoodie Hoo DayNational Tooth Fairy Day – If the kids don’t behave for Be an Angel Day you can let them know that National Tooth Fairy Day will never happen!
  • National Pecan Torte Day
  • Southern Hemisphere Hoodie Hoo Day – They’re sick of winter in the southern hemisphere so they go outside and scream “Hoodie-Hoo!


  • Howie Dorough, Backstreet Boys (38)
  • Tori Amos (48)
  • Bill Parcells (71)
  • Carl “Yaz” Yastrzemski (72)


On This Day: Hug Your Boss Day

Hug Your Boss DayYou may be thinking “but my boss is an @$$hole!”  We completely understand (no offense to Ben or Dan).  But a hug can change everything.  It could get you that promotion.  You could improve someone’s mood and create a better work environment.  But more than likely it will create an awkward circumstance and potential HR nightmare (we’re don’t want to see you brought up on sexual harassment charges)!  So be careful when celebrating Hug Your Boss Day.  Remember the difference between creepy and supportive is all about hand placement!

World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day 2011

Other Holidays:

  • World Humanitarian Day – if you didn’t participate in National Thrift Shop Day on Wednesday then World Humanitarian Day is a can’t miss!
  • Men’s Grooming Day – how pathetic is it that men need a holiday to remind them about grooming?
  • National Soft Ice Cream Day
  • Black Cow Root Beer Float Day
  • Aviation Day
  • National Potato Day – don’t tell Dan Quayle!

John Stamos birthdayBirthdays:

  • Johnny DramaLil’ Romeo (22)
  • Fat Joe (41)
  • Matthew Perry (42)
  • Nate Dogg (1969-2011)
  • Kevin Dillon (46) aka “Johnny Drama”
  • Bill Clinton birthdayJohn Stamos (48)
  • Bill Clinton (65)
  • Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)
  • Coco Chanel (1883-1971)

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