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Do You Have One Yet?

We’re talking about the most coveted item since the Nobel Prize or Prince William’s hand in marriage!  It’s the official DCP Nation shirt!

Join DCP Nation

Join DCP Nation

And we’re giving them all away!  Getting your hand on one is simple.  Here are the rules:

  • You must be a member of DCP Nation
  • We can only start giving away shirts once we hit 700 fans so tell a friend about this craziness!
  • Each day we’ll ask a fun fact about Downtown Printwear.  First person to respond with the correct answer wins! All answer are available either on the website or online.
  • We have a box full of DCP Nation shirts and the contest will continue until all of them are gone!  (If you’ve paid attention before, you know how many shirts are in a box!)
  • There is no limit to the number of shirts we’ll give away on a daily basis.  So pay attention, you never know when a DCP Fun Fact question could pop up.

You can wear it to the gym.  You can wear it on a whim.  You can wear it hanging out.  You can wear it out and about!   We need to get rid of these shirts ASAP to make room for 2011 shirts!  The giveaway begins Tuesday, December 15th!

How to Recommend a Friend:

  1. Visit DCP Nation
  2. Under our profile picture, click on “Suggest to Friends”
  3. A box will pop up with names and pictures of each of your friends.  Click on images of all your friends who should join DCP Nation!
  4. At the bottom you can type a message such as “DCP is awesome!” or “Win free T-shirts!”, then click “Send Invitations”
  5. Thanks for helping DCP Nation grow!

Play “Guess the Stitch Count”

Earlier this week we posted a stitch-out for the Garnet River project.  We’ll announce the winner some time this weekend so get your final guesses in!

Click on the Image to Play!

Closest guess to the actual number of stitches in the design will win some free Downtown Printwear swag!  What’re you waiting for?  On your mark…get set….GUESS!

Play “Guess the Stitch Count”

“Guess the Stitch Count” is posted!

Garnet River Stitchout

Garnet River Stitch-out - "Guess the Stitch Count"

This image stitch-out is from a recent embroidery project. It measures approximately 2.5 by 2.5 inches. Closest guess to the actual number of stitches in the design will win free swag, courtesy of your friends at Downtown Custom Printwear.  Click on the image above to play.  Only guesses through DCP Nation will be counted.  All other guesses will be voided.  Cassius will be keeping a close eye to make sure we don’t have any cheaters!  Have you always wanted FREE apparel? All you have to do is play.  On your mark…get set…GUESS!

“Guess the Stitch Count” is posted

Need something to pass the time before your long weekend starts?  Become a member of DCP Nation and play “Guess the Stitch Count”!  The winner will receive free swag courtesy of your friends at Downtown Custom Printwear.

Malcolm L. Bell School - Marblehead, MA

The image above is from a recent project completed for the Malcolm L. Bell School .  This logo was embroidered on the left chest of fleece and yoga jackets.  Click on the image to play “Guess the Stitch Count” and have a chance to win free DCP swag!

Play Guess the Number, Win Free Swag!

We just posted another game of “Guess the Number” for members of DCP Nation.  Here is the image:


Play "Guess the Quantity"


What are you waiting for?!  Click the image about to play.  On your mark…get set….GUESS!


What is the flow rate (gpm) i.e. gallons per minute on a beer tap?  (See answer below)


Keg Tap

Beer Tap



Continue reading

Have You Taken a Guess Yet?

Yesterday afternoon we gave you an easy opportunity to win free DCP swag.  The good news is that the contest is still going on!  If you haven’t visited DCP Nation yet,



How many shirts?

Click on the image and take your best guess on the DCP Nation page!



“Guess the Number” is an easy opportunity to get your hands on some free DCP swag.  Several members of DCP Nation have won multiple contests and always tell us how excited they are when free products show up on their doorstep.  What’re you waiting for?!  On your mark…get set…GUESS!

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