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If you’re looking for more information on Downtown Printwear, visit us online:

Our biggest fans are part of an elite group we call DCP Nation. Members have exclusive opportunities to win free products and get the latest scoop on what’s new in the World of Downtown Printwear!  Every once in a while Cassius will provide his insights on the happenings at the shop.

The DCP Internship Program is a rare opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience working with DCP management. This isn’t your standard “get me coffee” or “go make copies” internship. Students may find themselves working on design projects, developing marketing plans, assuming management responsibilties, and executing the plans they develop with assistance from the DCP team. DCP successfully implemented the internship program at dozens of schools across the Northeast.  To apply please send a cover letter and resume to: Attn: Internship Program Application


Want more DCP?  Follow us on Twitter.  GChat: DowntownPrintwear.  Visit our YouTube Channel.  Or discover what we Digg.  See the DCP difference!  Make it yours.  Make it Custom.

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