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DCP Debates: Jets or Patriots?

All good things comes in threes: 3 Stooges, 3 Muskateers, 3 Blind Mice, 3 Tenors, 3 Wise Men, and 3 Patriots/Jets rivalry games during the 2010-2011 season.  But in the end, there can only be 1…winner.

The resurrection of Boston versus New York Winter rivalry has sparked the interest of sports fans across the Northeast.  We already debated Brady vs Sanchez, but this debate represents much more.  The rubber match.  Win or go home.  It’s time to take sides:







Free Shirts Until the Snow Stops!

Snowed in?  Sick of day time television?  Or are you the only one that had to be in the office?  We’ve got you covered!  DCP Nation came through and we’re giving away a free shirt every hour until it stops snowing at our Boston office!

Games, contests, and easy opportunities to win.  We’re looking for every excuse we can find to give away shirts.  We may even start giving them away to anyone that asks!

Visit DCP Nation to participate.  At this rate, you’ll be wishing the snow never stops!



Join DCP Nation




On This Day: Tick Tock Day

Time is running out on 2010!  So many things to do and so little time! Tick Tock Day is a holiday reminder that there are only 2 days left to complete that long to-do list you had for 2010.  Aside from the holiday, December 29th is a pretty boring day.  All the more reason to focus on the 2nd day of National Chocolate Day!

Also On This Day:

  • (1851) The 1st YMCA opens in Boston, MA
  • (1937) Constitution Day in Ireland – an excuse to drink?
  • The 5th day of Christmas – 5 Golden Rings!


Jude Law (37)
Jon Voight (71)
Ted Danson (62)
Charles Goodyear (1800-1860)

20 in 20: #10 Gym Bags

#10: Gym Bags

Today’s “20 in 20” gift suggestion may be the most practical yet.  Custom gym bags cover all your bases.  A functional gift that recipients will use on a regular basis, or at least feel pressure too!  Add a company, team, or organization’s logo to the side and you have the perfect, subtle branding opportunity.  Best of all, the price is right.  Eat your heart out Bob Barker!  Prices on this bag, even small quantities, are in the $25 range.


Gym Bag

Gym bag w/ adjustable shoulder strap

This bag features front and side-zippered pockets, a wet pouch to store sweaty gym clothes, and a shoulder strap that adjusts for your comfort.  Available colors include: Royal, Black, Carolina Blue, Gold, Hunter, Light Pink, Maroon, Navy, and Red.  Don’t see the color your want?  There are dozens of other styles and colors options available.  Looking for other gift ideas?  Check out our “20 in 20” Summary page for a list of all gift suggestions to date.  If you have questions about any of the products you can always contact us at our Schenectady or Boston locations.

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