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DCP Nation Responds to the Earthquake

Just when we were getting into our groove, Mother Nature threw us a vicious curve ball.  Fortunately the team at Downtown Printwear is always prepared for a natural disaster – we even took out cloud insurance:

You can never be too safe when operating heavy printing equipment.  The last thing we want to experience is a misprinted shirt or devastation like the pictures below:

Earthquake Damage Table

Complete Destruction

Earthquake Damage Salt

What a mess!!








Earthquake Shake and Bake

The Show Must Go On!


On this Day: Insurance Awareness Day

Insurance Awareness DayWhat if?

There’s a chance that…

What are the odds?

June 28th is Insurance Awareness Day.  There’s no doubt that this holiday was created as a marketing ploy by insurance companies but it’s not all bad!  Are you aware of the different types of insurance that are available to you and what they protect you from?  Probably not.

Other Holidays:

  • National Columnists Day – can we give ourselves a pat on the back?
  • Henry VIII Day – that crazy English b*st*rd!

Birthdays:Kellie Pickler birthday

Mr Miyagi birthdayKellie Pickler (25)
Rob Drydek (37)
John Cusack (45)
Kathy Bates (63)
Pat Morita (1932-2005) aka “Mr. Miyagi
King Henry VIII (1491-1547)

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