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On This Day: National Flip Flop Day

National Flip Flop DayJune 17th has to be one of the best (and most celebrated) holidays of the year!  Today is National Flip Flop Day.  Whether you’re sporting those crazy gladiator sandals or the cheap $4 flip flops from Old Navy just make sure you’re footwear fits the holiday theme.  Obviously the weather needs to cooperate in order to truly appreciate the value of flip flops, but we know some of you could care less about the weather.  You’ll rock flip flops in the middle of Winter because that’s how you roll!  Plus, if there’s one thing we suggest our college students don’t leave home without: flip flops (plus a back up pair just in case!)

Other Holidays:Dump the Pump

  • Dump the Pump Day – sick of high gas prices? Dump the pump!
  • National Apple Strudel Day
  • National Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement Officers
  • Stewart’s Root Beer Day – something about root beer out of a bottle is just so much better!
  • World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
  • Work at Home Father’s Day – because regular Father’s Day just wasn’t enough!
  • National Cherry Tart Day – these guys are up against a tough battle with apple strudels today!



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