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Now He’s Just Showing Off!

http://www.downtownprintwear.com/services.htmlWe came across a project that had Ben’s name written all over it!  He must have been bored while Cassius was away on vacation because that’s usually when these projects tend to show up.  In case you’re curious, that’s a carbon fiber, pebble puff, flock applique, multimedia design on a Dri-Duck work jacket.  We can guarantee you won’t see this item anywhere else because it’s a DCP original!

Because all screen-printing and embroidery is handled in-house, we have the capability to create unique finishes you can’t get from “the local printer” or the shop with a single-press.  Talk to us about applique, foil, puff, and other unique finishes that will make your project a guaranteed home run!



Guess the Stitch Count – Capital District Scottish Games

Guess the Stitch Count is a game we created that gives you some insight into our world of decorating products and gives you an opportunity to win free apparel!  The rules are simple: We post an embroidered image of a recent project for the Capital District Scottish Games and you guess how many stitches are in the image.  We will provide you some details to provide context and the size of the artwork.  Multiple guesses are allowed, but only the most recent guess will count towards the competition.  We’ll even give away freebies for the more people who participate!  Only guesses posted through the link below will count towards the competition.  Play along and you’ll figure it out very quickly.


Play Guess the Stitch Count

Capital District Scottish Games

As an added incentive, for every 5 unique people that participate we will draw names out of a hat.  For example, 5 names = 1 winner, 10 names = 2 winners, 15 names = 3 winners, and so on.  The more people who play, the more chances you have to win!

Click on the image above to play!


UPDATE: This contest is now closed.  The winner is…… RACHEL BECKMAN!  Congratulations Rachel!  If you want more chances to win contests and giveaways, join DCP Nation today.

DCP Giveaway Questions: Monday, 12/27

It’s time for Cassius’ DCP Swag Giveaway!  Cassius got his paws on more DCP swag that was lying around the shop and he is giving it all away to the winners of this HUGE contest.  He’s giving you 3 CHANCES TO WIN!  Here are the contests:

Guess the Stitch Count (Part 1):


Visit http://www.facebook.com/downtownprintwear

Click on the Image to Play

Helpful Hints: 3.5 ” high, left-chest embroidery

Cassius is on Facebook!Contest #2: The first 10 people to guess will be entered in a separate drawing for more DCP prizes.  We’ll post a video of us drawing the winner out of a hat just to keep it fair!   So tell your friends, recommend they join DCP Nation, and show Cassius some love!

Contest #3: DCP Trivia: What was the original name of the business when Ben started printing shirts in his attic apartment? (No back to back guesses.  You must wait for 2 others to post their business name guess before posting a second guess.


  • You may win multiple contests.
  • Minimum of 10 participants required for winners to receive prize.
  • No back to back guesses.
  • Only guesses posted in the comments underneath "DCP GIVEAWAY" posts to DCP Nation are eligible.  
  • Additional rules may apply.

Guess the Stitch Count – Philips

Here is today’s “Guess the Stitch Count”.  Rules are below:

Visit http://www.facebook.com/downtownprintwear

Click on the image above to play!

Join DCP Nation

Join DCP Nation

Click on the image to play “Guess the Stitch Count”. Helpful hints:  And the winner is….Stephanie Naffah.  She guessed 2359 stitches and the actual total is 2738 stitches!  Great job Stephanie, thanks for playing!

  • Approximately 4″ wide by .75″ high
  • Embroidered on the “left chest” of Winter coats
  • Don’t forget, the font is thicker than a script font typically reserved for monogramming.
  • Rules are posted.


Guess the Stitch Count: Philips

We’re coming at you with another ‘Guess the Stitch Count” and a chance to win free products from your friends at DCP!  This one is a bit tricky, so think carefully about your guesses:


Guess the Stitch Count

Click here to Play

Join DCP Nation
Join DCP Nation

Here are some helpful hints:

  • Approximately 4″ wide by .75″ high
  • Embroidered on the “left chest” of Winter coats
  • Don’t overlook the thickness of the font
  • Only guesses posted in the comments section will qualify.  Click HERE to play.

20 in 20: #1 Doggy Tees


#1: Doggy Tees

Our final gift suggestion for our “20 in 20” countdown was chosen by Cassius.  He told us that he wanted some input on the series, so we let him make the final suggestion.

Everyone deserves a gift during the holidays, even the little critters!

Doggy Tees

If you follow us on a regular basis then know that Cassius loves to keep you up to date on the latest doggy fashion trends.  Don’t forget to take care of the little guys and gals that greet you at the door each time you return home.  We spoke to Cassius for his advice on gifts:

“Dogs are easy to keep happy.  Milk bones, sweaters, and chew toys will keep us happy.  Just show us you care and we’ll still love you.  That’s all we ask.  The only gift that is off limits – cats.  Don’t bring home a cat or we won’t be friends anymore!”

Follow Cassius for inside info on what goes on at the shop, along with more gift ideas for your canine friends.  If you can’t reach him directly, you can contact us at the shop and we’ll take a message for him.  Today he’ll be busy taking orders that are needed before the Christmas holiday, but we’ll make sure he returns all messages tomorrow!

20 in 20: #2 Bandanas & Handkerchiefs

#2: Bandanas & Handkerchiefs

Cheap, fun, easy, and we’re not talking about your “ex”!  Today’s gift suggestion, bandanas and handkerchiefs, makes a fun and inexpensive gift.

Bandanas & handkerchiefs


Join DCP Nation

Join DCP Nation

Add a team logo or embroider a crest on handkerchiefs for the entire family – reminds you of your grandparents doesn’t it? A great stocking stuffer!  As low as just a few dollars a piece, it’s hard to go wrong with bandanas or handkerchiefs.

Have questions about how you can customize this product?  There is still time to contact us and have your products before the Christmas holiday!



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