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Jersey Shore goes to Italy?

Free SnookiWe love creating shirts that mock the cast of Jersey Shore and their ridiculous antics, but this one is going to be too easy.  How do you stick a bunch of guidos and guidettes in Italy and expect a good outcome?  We’re still pushing for the cast to visit Southie in Boston.  Nothing better than Italy meets Ireland in a neighborhood where there is a bar on every corner.  The Irish down there do their own fist pumping after a couple of shots of Jameson.

Beware of GrenadesIt will be interesting to see what M.V.P does when they encounter their first hairy armpit or become frustrated when they can’t understand what people are saying about them in Italian tongue.  It looks like we’ve got a situation on our hands!

Let’s focus on what’s really important here: those kids are having the time of their lives!  Wait, this just in…Mike “The Situation” is how old?  Scratch that.  These people have issues!


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