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On This Day: RIP Four Loko

DCP Nation first reported the death of Four Loko

Today marks the death of Four Loko as we know it.  Last month we wrote about the new Four Loko hitting shelves today.  While most stores won’t have the new beverage for several weeks, today marks the official end of “Blackout in a Can” as we know it.  The company reports that the good old product will be off shelves today and the crappy new Four Loko hitting shelves will never sell be caffeine free.

We had a good run and we’ll never four-get you.  We may forget some of the nights we spent together, but we’ll never forget those few short months you were a part of our lives.  The new Four Loko just won’t be the same.  RIP Four Loko.  RIP.


New Four Loko Available December 13th

The New Four Loko hits shelves December 13th.  We know these guys are excited! Be prepared for a bigger disappointment than Brad & Jen’s break up!  Ok, maybe not.  But removing the caffeine, i.e. “the Loko”, is like removing Alvin from the Chipmunks, or Topanga from Boy Meets World.  It just doesn’t work.

Topanga & Lance Bass

Did you know: "Topanga" and Lance Bass attended their HS prom together


Four Loko

Four Loko



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