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On This Day: Nancy Kerrigan Knee Assault

It was 17 years ago when Nancy Kerrigan was attacked after leaving the ice after a practice session.  It was later determined that the attack was planned by her competitor Tonya Harding.  One woman went on to become an Olympic medal winner, the other went on to star in trashy VH1 reality TV series.  Just sayin’.

Also On This Day:

  • National Shortbread Day
  • (1838) Samuel Morse successfully demonstrated the electronic telegraph  – eventually developed Morse Code
  • (1930) The 1st diesel-engine automobile trip is completed by traveling from Indianapolis to New York City
  • (2001) Congress proclaims George W. Bush as winner of the contested 2000 presidential election over Al Gore.

Birthdays & Remembrances:

Joan of Arc (1412-1431) – Heroine of France and Catholic Saint
Jacques Montgolfier (1745-1799) – Built the first hot air balloon
Lou Holtz (74) – Que the impressions!
RIP President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt (1858-1919)


On This Day: President George W. Bush attacked by shoes

Who throws a shoe? Honestly!”  Apparently Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi finds it perfectly acceptable.  Was it an assassination attempt?  Is a shoe a lethal weapon?  We’re still waiting for the hard-hitting reporters to ask those questions

Joe Son A.K.A. "Random Task"

Joe Son A.K.A. "Random Task"

It was like a scene out of Austin Powers.  Were they nice shoes? Brown or black?  Regardless, this attempt on the President’s life is a serious matter.  Who would have thought that Joe Son (yes, that’s his real name) faces even more serious charges?

Also On This Day:

  • Happy Birthday Nostradamus (Born 1503 AD)
  • Happy Birthday Vanessa Hudgens (22)

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