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Cassius Helps with Poopie Power


Play time at Harvard!

Cassius has been on a mini-retreat to his hometown of Cambridge, MA.  Walks through the Harvard University campus are a bit of a change from the Wendy’s parking lot.  Nonetheless, the rest of the day offers little variance from his “work” day at the shop.


Time for a nap



After a 20-minute walk, Cassius was long overdue for a mid-morning nap.  A couple hours later…it was time to find a different sleeping spot.

Don’t be fooled by the appearance of a “lazy day”.  Cassius accomplished more in a 20-minute walk than most men do in a lifetime.  You may have heard the saying, “he thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink.” Well, we can’t vouch for that, but we can attest that it provided enough energy to help light a park in Cambridge.  Cassius’ 20-minute walk helped fuel the Harvard Park Spark Project (see article below).

http://www.facebook.com/dcpcassiusCassius is a model of efficiency.  Despite just 20-minute of active behavior a day, he managed to help light a park so thousands were able to enjoy.  Cassius – on vacation, still changing lives!

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