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On This Day: International Anti-Corruption Day

Today is International Anti-Corruption Day.  The holiday is recognized by leaders around the World coming together to fight corruption.  Or perhaps they are all corrupt and simply needed an explanation for what goes on during those closed-door meetings.

Bernie Madoff

Corruption Facts and Figures (we tried to find accurate info but some of the sources were corrupt!):

  • An estimated $1 Trillion in bribes are exchanged in the US each year.
  • 25% of African states’ GDP is lost to corruption each year.
  • 50% – estimated percentage of health funds that actually make it to Ghana each year.
  • $50 billion – estimated amount of money deposited into offshore accounts from corrupt US officials each year.
  • $250 billion – estimated corrupts funds from other countries that are deposited in US banks each year.
  • Wikileaks.com

Wait, government is corrupt?

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