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On This Day: National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day

National Second Hand Clothing DayWhere do old t-shirts, sweatshirts, and pants go to die?  They don’t die silly!  Those pieces can be passed down to become part of someone else’s wardrobe.  We celebrate hand-me-downs and second-hand clothing on National Second-Hand Wardrobe Day!

Other Holidays:

  • Kiss and Make Up DayKiss and Make Up Day – you can’t hold a grudge forever.  Today is the day to kiss and make up!
  • National Banana Split Day

Birthdays & Remembrances:

RIP Ted Kennedy

1932 - 2009

Blake Lively (24)Sean Connery

Claudia Schiffer (41)
Rachel Ray (43)
Billy Ray Cyrus (50)
Tim Burton (53)
Gene Simmons, Kiss (61)
Regis Philbin (78)
Sean Connery (81)
RIP Ted Kennedy (1932-2009)
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