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Jersey Shore Shirt of the Week!

http://www.downtownprintwear.com/services.htmlEach week we recognize the debauchery that is MTV‘s Jersey Shore by designing a new theme shirt.  Have a good idea of your own?  Are you looking to start your own business?  Are you just looking to earn extra income?  Speak to us about your ideas and we’ll show you how easy it is to bring them to life.

We’ve all found ourselves compromised by the occasional grenade – men and women!  Whether you’re at a bar, a cookout, or house party, there needs to be a universal warning sign.  Thanks to the ingenious cast of Jersey Shore, the grenade whistle solves that problem.  Friends don’t let friends get blindsided by a grenade.  Sound the grenade whistle!


Jersey Shore T-shirt of the Week: The Dougie

Sound the grenade whistle!  The juice-head gorillas and skanktabulous cast of Jersey Shore is back for another 60 minutes of debauchery.  Tonight we bring you yet another Jersey Shore promo t-shirt idea.  Need inspiration for your next project?  Looking to make some quick cash selling your idea?  Themes and spoofs of television shows, movies, or music are always popular projects.  Need help?  Just ask!  Our experts will help bring your vision to life.

After the recent announcement to film next season in Italy, we have to ask: When will their time run out?  The cast isn’t getting any younger.  Their fan base isn’t getting any younger.  Will people “grow out” of their Jersey Shore Phase?  It’ll be interesting to see what the cast does once their 15 Minutes of Fame are over.  Heck, there’s always VH1 reality shows.  They love washed-up D-listers!

DCP Debates: MTV or VH1

http://www.mtv.com/If we discussed this topic 10 years ago we wouldn’t even have a debate on our hands.  However, VH1 has caught the eye of many reality TV junkies with their all-star lineup of D-list celebrities.  If VH1 signed their cast 15 years ago they would be as unstoppable as the Boston Celtics of the ’60s or Charlie Sheen in Vegas!


Back in the day MTV ruled the roost.  It’s tough to compete with classics like The Real World, Singled Out, The Grind, Celebrity Death Match, and the coveted MTV Spring Break.  Once VH1 moved past the Adult Top 40 phase, they introduced Pop Up Video, Behind the Music and I Love the ’80s & ’90s.  In recent years, VH1 rivaled MTV programming thanks to a series of trash-tastic shows that taught us how to find love and be an overprotective father – Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, I Love New York, and Hogan Knows Best.

Today the networks are neck and neck.  One satisfies our craving for reality television by promoting groups of ’80’s has-beens, while the other has us dumbfounded watching a bunch of do-nothing party animals make millions while assuming no responsibility.  It’s time to decide which network is at the top of the class!

Jersey Shore T-Shirt of the Week

http://www.downtownprintwear.comThis week was a ground-breaking week for the cast of Jersey Shore.  It was announced that they will be taking their antics to Italy for the next season.  Has there ever been a show that is so polarizing?  On one hand you have a bunch of idiots running around and getting paid massive sums of money to get drunk at various night clubs.  On the other hand, you create the perception that you need a blowout, bronzer, and at least 3 cycles of steroids before stepping foot on the Jersey Shore.  To their credit, they put Jersey on the map.  Until recently, we thought Jersey was just a place to dump New York’s trash, dead bodies, and watch horrible basketball!

The key must be to have a solid nickname.  We used the Jersey Shore nickname generator to see if we can exploit the antics of some DCP staff.  Our favorites include: Dan “D-Train” Leavitt, Ben “The Operation” Sadler, and our favorite, Cassius “The Prince of Paramus”!

Should we stick with the nicknames?  Leave your nickname in the comments below!

Jersey Shore goes to Italy?

Free SnookiWe love creating shirts that mock the cast of Jersey Shore and their ridiculous antics, but this one is going to be too easy.  How do you stick a bunch of guidos and guidettes in Italy and expect a good outcome?  We’re still pushing for the cast to visit Southie in Boston.  Nothing better than Italy meets Ireland in a neighborhood where there is a bar on every corner.  The Irish down there do their own fist pumping after a couple of shots of Jameson.

Beware of GrenadesIt will be interesting to see what M.V.P does when they encounter their first hairy armpit or become frustrated when they can’t understand what people are saying about them in Italian tongue.  It looks like we’ve got a situation on our hands!

Let’s focus on what’s really important here: those kids are having the time of their lives!  Wait, this just in…Mike “The Situation” is how old?  Scratch that.  These people have issues!

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