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On This Day: National Underdog Day

Today is one of our favorite days of the year.  No, it’s not Cinco de Mayo or St. Patty’s Day,  it’s National Underdog Day!  We all love a good underdog story.

The Fighter (Micky Ward's Story)

U.S.A vs Russia “The Miracle on Ice”


Susan Boyle

Micky Ward


Cool Runnings

The Chicago Cubs?

The Blind Side


The Ugly Duckling

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Spud Webb


The Alamo

Remember the Titans

The LA Clippers

William Wallace


NY Giants Superbowl XLII

David Cook, American Idol

Happy Gilmore

Luke Skywalker

Mighty Ducks vs. Team Iceland


Babe the pig

And the most famous reindeer of all…

Also On This Day:

  • Wright Brothers Day – First in Flight!
  • International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers – Protect your prostitutes!
  • Free Shipping Day
  • Happy Birthday Simpson Family – on December 17th 1989 The Simpsons debuted on Fox
  • NAFTA was signed (1992)
  • Happy Birthday Eugene Levy (1946)
  • Happy Birthday Chuck Liddell (1969)
  • Happy Birthday Manny Pacquiao

On This Day: Kazakhstan Independence Day

Today marks the Independence of The Republic of Kazakhstan (1991).  High five! While we are happy for the people of Kazakhstan, we must revert back to a 6-month time period when Americans felt the uncontrollable urge to use phrases like “very nice” and “I like!

High Five!

Very nice!

Borat Facts:

  • Kazakhstan is the #1 exporter of potassium.
  • Prostitution is one of the major industries in Kazakhstan.
  • Borat’s sister is the top prostitute in Kazakhstan.
  • Kazakhstan’s space program launches chimpanzees and toddlers into orbit.

True Facts About Kazakhstan:

  • Men and women do not shake hands in public.
  • The Kazak word for “dog” is pronounced “eat”.
  • The traditional meat in Kazakhstan is beshbarmak – boiled horseflesh

Also On This Day:

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