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On This Day: National Nude Day

National Nude DayToday could be complete pandemonium, which is only fitting because it’s also Pandemonium Day!  Don’t be shocked if you see people showing a little more skin than usual today.  July 14th is National Nude Day! Now, we’re not exactly sure how to pull this off (no pun intended), but we’re pretty sure you’re supposed to embrace nudity for the day.  Unfortunately these holidays always have unintended consequences and we find ourselves witnessing sights that nobody wants to see.  You have to take the good with the bad.

Pandemonium DayBut if things do get crazy just use Pandemonium Day as your cover story.  Don’t go out and do anything stupid.  Now that we think about it, you may not want to leave the house at all today.  Between National Nude Day and Pandemonium Day we don’t want to be responsible for bailing you out of prison!  So stay home!


  • Taboo, Black Eyed Peas (36) – wait, who?Taboo
  • Jane Lynch (51)
  • Vincent Pastore (65)
  • Gerald Ford (1913-2006)
  • Tom Carvel (1906-1990) – the ice cream man!

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