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On This Day: International Literacy Day

International Literacy DayHow would you survive if you couldn’t read “On This Day” on a daily basis?  Life would be difficult – just as it is for millions around world each day.  International Literacy Day was created by the United Nations to promote literacy within communities.  Take a moment to educate your community.  For more information, visit the International Reading Association website.

World Physical Therapy DayOther Holidays:

  • Pardon Day – falls on the day President Nixon was pardoned
  • National Date-Nut Bread Day
  • World Physical Therapy Day – recognizes the work physical therapists do for their patients and the community

Jonathan Taylor Thomas birthdayBirthdays:

  • Brooke Burke birthdayJonathan Taylor Thomas (30)
  • Pink (32)
  • Brooke Burke (40)
  • David Arquette (40)
  • Patsy Cline (79)

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