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Jersey Shore T-shirt of the Week: The Dougie

Sound the grenade whistle!  The juice-head gorillas and skanktabulous cast of Jersey Shore is back for another 60 minutes of debauchery.  Tonight we bring you yet another Jersey Shore promo t-shirt idea.  Need inspiration for your next project?  Looking to make some quick cash selling your idea?  Themes and spoofs of television shows, movies, or music are always popular projects.  Need help?  Just ask!  Our experts will help bring your vision to life.

After the recent announcement to film next season in Italy, we have to ask: When will their time run out?  The cast isn’t getting any younger.  Their fan base isn’t getting any younger.  Will people “grow out” of their Jersey Shore Phase?  It’ll be interesting to see what the cast does once their 15 Minutes of Fame are over.  Heck, there’s always VH1 reality shows.  They love washed-up D-listers!


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