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On This Day: Thomas Crapper Day

Thomas CrapperWhat is this crap? Is it an actual holiday?  The answer is: Yes!  Many people mistakenly credit Thomas Crapper with the invention of the modern toilet.  Crapper did develop many patented items that undoubtedly link him to the toilet.  One such patent was the ballock (the flushing system), but not the flushing toilet.  A plumber by trade, Thomas Crapper was an advocate of sanitary plumbing and popularized the water closet.  We would love his opinion on the great over/under toilet paper debate!

Chocolate CakeToday’s Other Holidays:

  • Auschwitz Liberation Day – on January 27, 1945, more than 7,000 prisoners were released
  • Holocaust Memorial Day
  • Vietnam Peace Day – cease fire began at midnight on this day in 1973.
  • National Chocolate Cake Day – chocolate cake mix has been flying off shelves since 1920!  The holiday falls nearly a month after we celebrated National Chocolate Day.

http://www.downtownprintwear.com/greek.htmlAlso On This Day:

  • The University of Georgia was founded as the first public university in the U.S. (1785)
  • Kappa Alpha Theta established as the first sorority (1870)
  • Thomas Edison received a patent for his incandescent lamp (1880)
  • The National Geographic Society was founded in Washington, D.C. (1888)
  • The first public demonstration of the television was made (1926)
  • The first tape recorder was sold (1948)http://www.apple.com
  • “Peter Pan” closed at the Imperial Theater in NYC (1951)
  • Introducing the Beatles was released in the U.S. (1964)
  • Michael Jackson suffered 2nd degree burns while filming a Pepsi commercial (1984)
  • Western Union delivered its last telegram (2006)
  • Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad (2010)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdFj4flHkcUBirthdays & Remembrances:

Mozart (1756-1791)
Nick Mason, Pink Floyd (66)
Bridget Fonda (46)
Lil Jon (40) – Yeah!
RIP Sir Francis Drake (1540-1595) – the English explorer died of dysentery – something we thought only happens in Oregon Trail
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898) a.k.a Lewis Carroll – Creator of “Alice in Wonderland”


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