On This Day: National Everything You Think is Wrong Day

National Everything You Know is Wrong DayNobody likes a know-it-all.  Today is a holiday that forces us to realize our mistakes and lack of knowledge.  You may be smart, but you’re not THAT smart!  Take a moment to demonstrate your vulnerabilities and show the world that it’s okay if you don’t know the answer.  Remember back in elementary school when we were told to ask questions if we didn’t know the answer?  Try adopting that practice again.  You may learn something!

Other Holidays:

  • National Pears Helene DayTrue Confessions Day –  spill the beans!
  • Buzzard’s Day – head to Hinkley, Ohio, for a crazy celebration involving turkey vultures, yeah…
  • Brutus Day – you can figure this one out
  • National Peanut Lover’s Day
  • National Pears Helene Day – you may not know it by name, but you’ve probably indulged at some point
  • World Consumer Rights Day – it’s not what you think.  Consumers International believes that water is a consumer right and advocates that safe drinking water reach the entire world population

Rolls Royce GhostAlso On This Day:

  • Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his 1st trip to the Americas (1493)
  • South Carolina became the 1st American colony to declare independence from England & establish its own government (1776)
  • Rolls-Royce Limited was incorporated (1906)
  • Baseball pitcher Cy Young retired (1912)
  • President Woodrow Wilson held the 1st open presidential news conference (1913)
  • The American Legion was founded in Paris, France (1919)
  • Billboard ChartThe 1st blood bank was formed; Chicago, IL (1937)
  • Billboard published its 1st album chart (1945)
  • The 1st T.G.I.Friday’s opened; New York City (1965)
  • The U.S. Mint stopped buying and selling gold (1968)
  • The 1st domain name was registered – symbolics.com (1985)
  • The United States Department of Veterans Affairs was established as a Cabinet position(1989)

Eva Longoria birthdayBirthdays & Remembrances:

  • Young Buck (30)
  • Eva Longoria (36)
  • Will.I.Am, Black Eyed Peas (36)
  • Mark McGrath, Sugar Ray (43)
  • Bret Michaels, Poison (48) – is he more famous for his music or his reality TV appearances?Happy Birthday Bret Michaels
  • Fabio (50)
  • Dee Snider, Twisted Sister (56)
  • Phil Lesh, Grateful Dead (71)
  • President Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)
  • RIP Julius Caesar (100BC-44BC)

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