On This Day: National Be Heard Day

National Be Heard DayIt’s easy for big businesses to steal the spotlight.  March 7th is National Be Heard Day.  The holiday is dedicated to over 145 million small businesses in the U.S. that are struggling to break through the big-business dominated media clutter.  Today is a day for small businesses to stand up and “be heard”.  Celebrate creative marketing and publicity tactics that help small businesses survive in a world of bohemoth corporate giants.  Support small businesses and celebrate National Be Heard Day!

Other Holidays:

  • Kellogg's Corn FlakesNational Cereal Day – guess we know what is for breakfast! See Also On This Day.
  • Fun Facts about Names Day – is there something unique about your name? Were you named after someone?  Let us know!
  • Alexander Graham Bell's TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell Day – celebrate one of the most brilliant inventors in history on the anniversary of his most notable accomplishment. See Also On This Day.
  • Casimir Pulaski Day – an Illinois holiday recognizing the Revolutionary War achievements of Polish-American General Casimir Pulaski.  The holidays is celebrated on the anniversary of Pulaski’s death in 1779.

Also On This Day:

  • DisneylandBaseball decided 9 innings constituted an official game, rather than 9 runs (1857)
  • Alexander Graham Bell was granted a patent for his invention named “the telephone” (1876)
  • Dr. John Kellogg introduced Corn Flakes for the 1st time (1897)
  • Glamour magazine 1st published (1939)
  • Bloody Sunday: 600 civil rights marchers were forcefully broken up in Selma, Alabama (1965)
  • NCAA 64 Team BracketThe 1st documented homocide in Disneyland history (1981)
  • The NCAA tournament selection was televised for the 1st time (1982)
  • The song “We Are The World” had its international release (1985)
  • In a historic copyright case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that parodies of original work were covered by the doctrine of fair use (1994) [The printing industry greatly appreciates this one!]
  • The U.S. Navy issued the 1st permanent order that assigned women to combat ships (1994)

Iwo Jima PictureBirthdays and Remembrances:

  • Jenna Fisher (37), The Office
  • Wanda Sykes(46) – funny or not?
  • Rene Gagnon (1925-1979) – the American solider shown raising the flag at Iwo Jima
  • RIP Aristotle (384 B.C. – 322 B.C. ) – he was kindof a big deal at the time!

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