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20 in 20: #1 Doggy Tees


#1: Doggy Tees

Our final gift suggestion for our “20 in 20” countdown was chosen by Cassius.  He told us that he wanted some input on the series, so we let him make the final suggestion.

Everyone deserves a gift during the holidays, even the little critters!

Doggy Tees

If you follow us on a regular basis then know that Cassius loves to keep you up to date on the latest doggy fashion trends.  Don’t forget to take care of the little guys and gals that greet you at the door each time you return home.  We spoke to Cassius for his advice on gifts:

“Dogs are easy to keep happy.  Milk bones, sweaters, and chew toys will keep us happy.  Just show us you care and we’ll still love you.  That’s all we ask.  The only gift that is off limits – cats.  Don’t bring home a cat or we won’t be friends anymore!”

Follow Cassius for inside info on what goes on at the shop, along with more gift ideas for your canine friends.  If you can’t reach him directly, you can contact us at the shop and we’ll take a message for him.  Today he’ll be busy taking orders that are needed before the Christmas holiday, but we’ll make sure he returns all messages tomorrow!

20 in 20: #2 Bandanas & Handkerchiefs

#2: Bandanas & Handkerchiefs

Cheap, fun, easy, and we’re not talking about your “ex”!  Today’s gift suggestion, bandanas and handkerchiefs, makes a fun and inexpensive gift.

Bandanas & handkerchiefs


Join DCP Nation

Join DCP Nation

Add a team logo or embroider a crest on handkerchiefs for the entire family – reminds you of your grandparents doesn’t it? A great stocking stuffer!  As low as just a few dollars a piece, it’s hard to go wrong with bandanas or handkerchiefs.

Have questions about how you can customize this product?  There is still time to contact us and have your products before the Christmas holiday!



20 in 20: #3 Jerseys

#3: Jerseys

Still stuck on gifts for the team?  Do you have a crew that likes to stand out?  Customize your own jerseys for the group!

Reversible Mesh Jersey

Reversible Mesh Jersey

  • Baseball Jerseys
  • Softball Jerseys
  • Track Uniforms
  • Basketball Uniforms
  • Football Jerseys
  • Soccer Uniforms
  • Lacrosse Jerseys
  • Cheering Outfits
  • Hockey Jerseys
  • Dance Teams
  • VolleyballBaseball & Softball-style Jerseys
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Intramural Teams
  • And the list goes on!


Join DCP Nation

For more ideas join DCP Nation

Talk to us about gifts for the entire team or just a small group.  Several name brands are available.  Best of all, we can have most of these items to you before the Christmas holiday!


20 in 20: #4 Cinch Bags

#4: Cinch Bags

Sports bags, drawstring bags, cinch packs, call them whatever you like!  These products make  great gift for even the most difficult people on your list.  Great for sending the kids off to practice, going to the beach, shopping, fundraisers, or even throw in a pair of “flats” walking to work and a change of clothes for the gym after!  Rule #76: No excuses, play like a champion!

Cinch/Drawstring Bags

Cinch Bags Rock!

Join DCP Nation for more great ideas and giveaways

Cinch bags are available in a variety of styles – w/ zipper pockets, nylon bottoms, heavy or shoelace style strings, you name it!  Available in dozens of colors so you can get them to match a uniform or your favorite color.  Prices range from just a few dollars to as much as $20 for all the bells and whistles!  Did we get your wheels turning and now you’re thinking of ideas?  Give us a shout and we’ll help you make the project happen before the Christmas holiday.  But hurry, there are only a few days left before we pass our deadline on standard turnaround for items needed before Christmas!

Need more ideas?  Check out our “20 in 20 Series Summary” for all of the suggestions we’ve made so far!

20 in 20: #5 Custom Robes

#5: Custom Robes

Help people bring out their inner Hugh Hefner or beauty queen!  Custom bath and night robes are a great gift for anyone on your list.  Make them feel important when they strut around the house these holidays in their custom-decorated robe.

Custom Robes and Cover-ups

100% Cotton Terry Velour Robe

DCP Nation

Join DCP Nation

Bath robes are available in a wide range of qualities and pricing.  You can generally purchase a custom-decorated robe for about the same price you would pay at a major retail store.  Robes and covers make a great gift for families, wedding parties, or the professional wrestler wannabes on your list!  Ask us about customizing options and how to get your project in time for the Christmas holiday.  For more discounts and exclusive offers, join DCP Nation.  Click on the logo image for more details.


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