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On This Day: National Clam Chowder Day

http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=best+clam+chowder+restaurant&find_loc=Boston,+MALegend has it that clam chowder originated from the Northeast coastal area in the early 1800’s.  Since then, several variations of the popular dish have turned up, with the two most popular being New England clam chowder and Manhattan clam chowder.  We debated the topic a couple months ago to see if we could determine a chowder champ.  After a heated debate, New England clam chowder came out on top.  Heck, the recipe even has it’s OWN holiday.  Beat THAT Manhattan clam chowder!  Regardless of your preference, seize the opportunity to treat yourself to a delicious bowl of your favorite chowder.  McCormick and Schmick’s is even running a chowder special!

http://www.m-ms.com/us/Other Holidays:

  • National Pistol Patent Day – that must be one hell of a celebration!
  • National Chocolate-covered Peanuts Day – sooooo, basically we’re talking M&M’s?
  • http://www.famouschilirecipes.com/National Chili Day – Looks like chowder has some competition for the soup du jour!

Also On This Day:

  • George Washington held the 1st cabinet meeting as President (1793)
  • Samuel Colt was granted a patent for the Colt revolver (1836)
  • The 1st electric printing press in the U.S. was patented (1837)
  • The 1st use of the “insanity plea” to prove innocence occurred (1859)
  • http://www.moneyfactory.gov/Congress formed the U.S. Bureau of Engraving & Printing (1862)
  • Paper currency was introduced in the U.S. (1862)
  • Hiram R. Revels became the 1st Black member of the United States Senate (1870)
  • J.P. Morgan incorporated the United States Steel Corporation (1901)
  • http://www.ussranger.org/Oregon became the 1st state to tax gasoline – $0.01/gallon (1919)
  • Adolf Hitler obtained German citizenship (1932)
  • The 1st aircraft carrier, USS Ranger, was christened (1933)
  • Hockey was televised for the 1st time (1940)
  • The 1st Pan American Games were held (1951)
  • Cassius Clay (later known as Muhammed Ali) won his 1st Heavyweight Boxing title (1964)
  • Switzerland opened its first legal brothel (1998)

Birthdays & Remembrances:

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-rcilkZoo8Chelsea Handler (36)
  • Sean Astin (40) a.k.a. Rudy….Rudy….Rudy….
  • http://www.carrottop.com/Nancy O’Dell (45) – as seen on Entertainment Tonight
  • Carrot Top (46)
  • Ric Flair (62)
  • Sally Jessy Raphael (76)
  • George Harrison, The Beatles (1943-2001)
  • Pierre -Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)
  • RIP Tennessee Williams (1911-1983)


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